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Ok, let's clear the air on a few things.

Since the many current and past tennants of 12 Polina live in a vast and open-ended world, this wiki could conceivably have information about just about anything at all.

Also, since this wiki is by nature ridiculous, we're totally ok with having information on it that is illogical, contradictory, nonsensical, or just plain fictional, provided it has something to do with something that has happened or been talked about by Poliners and their friends. This is not a credible reference. If you were planning to cite it on a unviersity research paper, congratulations, you already failed. However, we would discourage posting complete nonsense.

More importantly, we will NOT tolerate information that is defamatory or libelous. If some Poliner is interviewing for a job many years down the road, and the employer in question pulls up some online accusation that they're a cross-dressing murderous crackhead, no one is going to be amused. Do this, and we will not only delete the offending information, but get your IP address banned too. Just don't do it.

However, information that is just garden-variety offensive (for example: His guitar solos are predictable and lack inspiration, she smells of elderberries, he's a big ol' douche), use your best discretion. We don't really want to start any fights, do we? And if you see such information about yourself and don't like it, edit it out. Don't just complain.

Anyway, I believe that's it. Happy editing!

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12 Polina Road is a house in the city centre of St. John's, NL, Canada. It houses mostly students, “professional” musicians and PlayStation sales representatives from Montreal.

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