Riddly-diddly is a Polinguistic music theory term that describes a fast, often difficult passage of lead guitar work. It is not to be confused with a widdly, which describes an atmospheric and effects-laden passage of guitar work as typified by the band Roundelay, or fiddly-dee, which describes a genre of Irish traditional music most popular in the Carbonear area. The term was originally coined by an anonymous skeet at a party in Carbonear, who asked Seamus Lynch, who was playing "One" by Metallica at the time, if he could "play the riddly-diddly part, me son." This story was relayed by John Sullivan to Overbored members and future poliners Aiden Dunne and Liam Peacock while in sessions for the album Illegal to be Human.

Examples of songs with prominent riddly-diddlys Edit

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